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Post  Sukia on Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:28 am

Name: Kazekuroi Sukia (literally means: wind-black Sky-a, or Skya Blackwind)


Gender: SHE is definitely a girl

Race: Rice Country(Sound Village); Human

Rank: Chuunine,

Sukia has a randomly caring personality. She became a medical ninja to help/protect her family and is a vegitarian. She knows she's not the strongest, so she's made it part of her purpose in life to take care of her friends, who can defend themselves fine, but need help with the little things (especially Zoi).

She also has a feirce temper, especially when she feels unappreciated, or when no one's listening to her. When she gets really mod, she uses her frined's inner workings (fears, insecurities, etc.) against them. She's a really good Psych fighter. Doing this usually sends her into huge guilt spams later.

Sukia, unlike most, doesn't find a huge need in power, and usually prefers to work from the sidelines, helping instead of harming.

Sukia has long, floor-length black hair tied in a 'scorpion's tail braid' which is sort of like a braid, only each section is tied off with a ponytail holder, and the end is shaped like the tail of a scorpion.

Sukia has deep, blue-black eyes that get more black when she's mad, and more blue when she's happy. She also has the weird, unnatural ability to expand and contract the pupils at will. She uses this to get what she wants, because she can make herself really cute.

Sukia wears a longsleeved shirt loose enough to move in. It has over-long sleeves that she usually pulls up over her hands, but she pushes them up to work. Her black pants are also over-long, and they cover her black sneakers. For some odd reason they're dress pants, but the only explination she ever gives for this is that they're comfortable. She also has a holster around her waist that holds her Violin, but it;s not visible right away, because it's covered by a purple sweatshirt with grey spots tied around her waist. The sweatshirt is three sizes too big for her, and has a huge pocket in the front with a double quarter note on the front. The sweatshirt is tied with the knot in the back so she has easy access to this pocket, which she uses to hold an assortment of random objects that she thinks might be useful (pens, $, a book, a pad of paper, a needle and thread, a 24 pack of crayons, etc.) She takes it off before she fights so the stuff doesn't all spill out and she has easy acces to her Violin, but whenever she's not actually working in the sound she wears it. She can't while she's there, though because sweatshirts are against the dress code

Past: i'll do this later

Fighting Style: She uses Genjutsu and medical jutsus, along with senbon needles made of salt.

Strengths: She's an excellent psych fighter, along with being really good genjutsu, and healing.

Weaknesses: Sukia has absoltely no close combat skills a person's a person no matter how small of her scorpion's braid, so if you cut that she's pretty useless up close. She's also not a very good overall fighter, and when traveling long distances, she's almost literally a turtle.

Special Abilities:
Healing Rain: Healing rain is basically cheating death. It's move transferred through her violin that can bring someone back to life and heal them almost perfectly (within reason). Using has it's costs however, and The move takes all thie life out of the earth around her within a 3 Km radius (+-, it depends on where she is, in a forests it actually only around 1/2 a Km, and in a desert it's usually hundred of Km). It also only works within a certain time limit of the person's death, depending on their injuries and their will to live (etc.) (it's usually around 15 mins though, if that's anyindication)

Taming of the beast: Because she was traveling with a lychan and a vampire, Sukia developed her own jutsu called tamig of the beast, which brings out someone's conciousness when they've lost control and calms them down. It only works if the person's conciousness is willing to take control, however.

Curse Mark: Yeah, she got bit. It really sux, but she sealed it (shh, don't tell anyone, or Sukia's in huge trouble) So she normally doesn't have to worry about going into stage 2. But when she does, for some odd reason, she has even less control than is normal. She completely loses herself, and can't remember what happened afterwards, without things getting fuzzy. Stage 2 Sukia is really creepy, and doesn't recognize anyone. She's also a fearmonger.


Okayaki is a scorpion summon. She's black-violet in color and is shaped perfectly areodynamically. She can run really fast as long as it's not a long trip (small for her is pretty damn long for me though) Her tail is long and thin, and looks much less menacing than most scorpions'. Its venom also about 5 times as lethal. Her claws are also smaller than they proportionally should be, but they're sharp.

Other Stuff : In the sound, Sukia's main job is Kabuto's assistant, but she also has to take care of her two younger 'assistants' and another third child, who she took in after their parents were killed in battle. They look to her as a sister-mum, and she takes care of them as such.
She also only gets a very small amount of time off every month, and gets irritated if it's wasted. Orochimaru-sama has no idea where she spend her time, and doesn't really care. However; it's still probably best that he doesn't find out about Kat and Zoi.
Her and Kabuto are really close, but no one really knows what's going on there except them. Honestly, they don't ask. I don't blame them

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