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Post  Zoi on Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:51 am

Name: Karatona Zoi

Age: 16

Gender: FEMALE lol!

Race: Half wolf, 'werewolf'

Rank: S-Rank criminal

Noramly; Grimmly cheerful, shy, suspiosious, secretive
Around enemys, in enemy territory, or tence: loud, braggy, crule, mercilous, thoughtlessly bloodluting, 'overkill'
Around Few Trusted Friends: Joking, bouncy, eager to help, fun loving
ALSO: Zoi's personality is mixed with animal instints. It's hard to understand her and she often does wolf things that weird most people out who don't know her, and which in turn makes her feel like a freak. So she doesn't take to new people often, and if she does they have to be open-minded and excepting.

Appearance: very tall, ankle length blonde hair, red war paint, wolf like face, fangs, claws. Normaly wears parkas and other non flashy things.

Past: (I made it VERY short to not annoy anyone!)
Short and sweet, At a young age a kin-jutsu gone wrong backfired, making her into a werewolf-thingy. Her entire village drove her out when they saw what she had become. Alone and scared, accepted nowhere and called a freak and a monster, Zoi set herself just to starve, intill she met Sukia and Kat, who took care of her. Zoi loved them both and she pledged herself to this new thessle (small pack with no alfa). However, the group got seperated, and Zoi, alone again, became a true monster, killing scenlessly and hating the world that seemed to hate her. However, she soon made a new friend, Juiliana, who was a jinchrikki. But when Zoi found the Akatsuki, a group of crime people who except monsters, she joined at once, where she was excepted and she found her childhood crush, Deidara, and was amazed to find he liked her too, even as a werewolf. As she had grown up beliving she was a freak who no one could love, she became wholly attached to him and now considers him center of her world. However, when she was finally sent on her jinchirikki hunt, found her taget was Juiliana. In a blind attempt to hold this new loved and excepted life, she took her back to be killed. She has lived in shame since then, even in her perfect Pack, the Akatsuki, and is still struggling to find a way to make amends for the terrible deed.

Fighting Style: Claws, teeth, run-on-all-fours-bite-peeps-thoats-out type thing.

VERY strong
Exalent sences, hearing, sight, smell...
Can go werewolf at anytime.
Pretty damn fast.
Easily proked, tricked, bribed, stunned, broken, or Genjutsued.
Can't decide things for herself. And kinda dumb

Special Abilities: (i.e. kekgenkai, anything you can turn into, curses, ect.)
Werewolfness, supa strengh, acute hearing.

big sommon wolf that breathes fire. White with red markings. Is a guyaholic, loves Sake and poker.

Other Stuff: If Dei says go left, and Kat and Sukia say come right, she goes nuts. She has loyalty issues and trys to be loyal to to differnt sides. Unable to lose her only friends, and unable to even displease her Bf, she is conflicted and confused. More often then not, she sides with whoever makes her feel more loved and excepted, then feels terrible and trys to fix it for the other side. any time when the sides contast is a hard time on her already screwed up brain.

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